Processing range

Processing materials
(materials that have been handled):

Semiconductors, magnetic materials, dielectric materials, high-hardness materials, optical crystals, single crystals, polycrystals, sintered materials, molten metals, metals, and minerals.

Process details:
Mujohran polishing(Non-disturbance polishing), optical polishing, section polishing, polygon polishing,thin-film polishing, chemical-mechanical polishing, spherical forming, radius processing, spot facing, drilling, vacuum evaporating, sand-blasting, etching,lapping, dicing, slicing, etc.

[]QuestionWhat's Mujohran polishing(Non-disturbance polishing)
OuruviMujohran-polishingjis a processing technique of mirror polishing surfaces without disordering the configuration of crystals,
which is conceptually different from traditional techniques of optical or metallurgical abrasion.
The practical application covers not only semiconductors but also a wide range of X-ray optics,superconductors,optical communication,cristal appraisal,etc.
In addition,our crystal monochromator for synchrotron radiation in particular has an overwhelming share of the market due to our technique of processing fragile crystal into verious forms precisely.

List of Materials
Materials that can be used with our mujohran polishing know-how

We welcome inquiries about materials that are not included in this above list.

  • We process crystals made from any combination of materials listed in the periodic table.
  • We are proud of our processing accuracy, which is a top-ranking form of semiconductor technology.
  • We can process materials to the degree of accuracy that you require.
  • We can process from the stage of trial manufacturing to mass production requiring super-precision machining operations.

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