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topic! Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology Start of X-ray Interferometer Project

 From fiscal year 2000, Tokyo University Department of Engineering Research,Tsukuba University Department of Clinical Medicine, Hitachi, Ltd., and Sharan Instruments Corporation have started work on "Research relating to Image Formation based on X-ray Phase Information and its Application in Medical Treatment" under commission from the Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology .

 The aim of this research is to develop epoch-making image diagnosis technology which will enable the early detection of pathological changes associated with diseases such as cancer. Its objective is to conduct research regarding a non-cystographic high-sensitivity X-ray imaging method which will measure the phase of X-rays that penetrate through a subject.

 Sharan Corporation is responsible for the "Research of Crystal Processing Technology for Plotting X-ray Interferometer," which is part of the "Research of Advanced Image Formation Technology based on X-ray Phase Operation." The central device in this imaging process is the crystal block, and this device plays a key role in the performance of the equipment. That is to say, the crystal block is produced after adequately grasping the dimensional error and residual distortion when processing the crystal, and the end result must be something that will produce an interference graphic with high streak definition.

 It is hoped that this research will get the technology for crystal block shape evaluation off the ground, and while conducting comparisons with X-ray interference graphics, produce excellent crystal block with good reproducibility.

 Our company is addressing this research by applying the technology and know-how we have cultivated up to now, with the aim of achieving a further technological breakthrough.

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